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Mass Dynamic

Soft Slow Close Toilet Seat with Easy Quick Release Top Fix Adjustable Hinges

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: seat is made from High quality polypropylene (PP). Resistant to most solvents, Lightweight. Not a cheap plastic that begins to change color with time.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Quick release mechanism helps you remove your seat with minimum amount of time and effort possible. This helps you to clean your seat and pan on daily basis to prevent presence of bacteria.
  • SOFTCLOSE FEATURE: The mechanism prevents seat from slamming onto the pan making loud noise. This feature makes our seat as silent as it should be.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Easy Top Fixing with high quality expanding bolts to provide concealed fitting. You can reach the fixing area easily and it takes less steps and time to install our seat (installation guide included in package).
  • DIMENSION: Hinge Size (110-170 mm adjustable hinges) ---- Seat size: 370 mm(width) x 445 mm(length)


Type: Toi
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