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Potty Trainer Soft Close Toilet Seat Family Child Friendly White Color UF (Urea Formaldehyde)

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The toilet seat made of urea formaldehyde is texture hard, non-toxic and environmental protection. It is good light fastness, don't change color with the time and touch just as the chinaware.

  • Toilet seat and cover both have the function of slow closing.
  • Closing speed varies for room temperature and usage frequency.
  • Perfect for Potty Training Child/Toddler
  • Adjustable stainless steal hinges to ensure the perfect fit for your toilet
  • Easy to install, Easy cleaning, High hygiene, Long durability

Toilet Seat Size

  • 46cm x 36cm (Fits most standard size toilets)


1. Periodical maintenance

  • Wipe gently with wet fabric.
  • Wipe off smut.
  • Watch it with neuter cleaners (such as soap powder) and than dry it with clean fabric.

2. Cleaners

  • Do not wipe and wash toilet seat and cover with abrasive powder.
  • Do not use disinfector, eradicator or other aerosol cleaners.


  • Toilet Seat: Urea Formaldehyde
  • Baby Seat: PP
Type: Toilet Seat
Item ID: 0042309038483

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