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FIX IT Universal Socket Wrench - 48 in 1 Multifunction Socket Wrenches Tool with 360 Degree Rotating Head, Spanner Tool for Home and Car Repair

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This unique and robust design allows the spanner to self-adjust on any shaped nut whether it’s a hex nut, wing nut, lag bolts, tensions screws. You can tighten or loosen any fastener that is within the size of this particular wrench. It doesn’t matter what shape the nut is.


Spline Bolts, 6 Point, 12point, Torx, Square Damaged Blots And Any Size Standard Or Metric, 8mm (5/16''), 10mm (3/8"), 11mm (7/16"), 13mm (1/2''), It Shows On The Wrench With Numeric Etchings To Show The Corresponding Sizes.


Thick, Heavy Duty, Professional Tool That is Designed To Tackle All Your Projects Around The House, In The Shop, Or On The Job! Anywhere, Anytime! Outdoor, Cycling, Home, Kitchen, Indoor, Outdoor Vehicle, Work for Car’s Spark Plugs


This universal wrench with compact design and lightweight allows you to carry it with you instead of carrying a set of different size wrenches for the same job this one spanner can do in a finer way.

Its 48 sizes in a single compact design. Forget about carrying a tool box with different sets of wrenches and struggle to find the right one.

Anti-slip & Ergonomic handle

Comfortable, anti-slip grip helps you hold the wrench conveniently. lets you do your job without any kind of resistance. Durable for long term use.

Type: Socket Wrenches
Item ID: 5060728842011

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