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CGI Stainless Steel Digital Food Weighing Kitchen Scale, Slim Design with Tare Function, Weighs Upto 5kg/1g, Measures in Multiple Units, Easy to Use/Clean, Batteries Included.

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  • DESIGN: Slim shape with the new design, new style and more elegance. Our new ethereal kitchen scale will leave you astonished with its design, appearance and functionality. A perfect addition to your kitchens.
  • MATERIAL: Stainless steel panel with both sides curved downward. Clear reading display on a plastic strip makes the combination look more elegant. The finished stainless panel makes it so easy to wipe anything off. Stains does not stick to the panel.
  • ACCURACY & PRECISION: Now you can cook and bake with précised amount of ingredients. Measure and perfect your recipes with our new kitchen scale. Food and ingredients measured accurately and up to a high capacity of 5 kg in 1 g, 11 lbs in 1/10 oz, 5 l in 1 ml and 175 fl oz in 1/10 fl oz increments.
  • EASY TO USE: Put a container and tare it, now you just have to add items in the same bowl and can weigh it. Units can be changed by a slight touch on LCD glass. Keep track of your nutrition and calories with our food weighing scale.
  • BOX INCLUDES: Along with your brand-new digital scale box includes set of 2pcs lithium battery and an instruction manual that completely describes how to set up and use our digital kitchen scale.


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