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Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat, White (Heavy Duty) - Dual Fixing System

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Freshen up your bathroom without spending a fortune by adding the simple and functional toilet seat to your décor. It will lighten up your room and complement most decor.


  • Easy to Fit : Included both Top Fixing and Bottom Fixing with installation manual
  • Never Loose : Dual fixing system with 360° hinges add stability and prevent seat shifting sideways
  • Quiet Close : Soft-closing hinges allow controlled and quiet closure of the loo seat lid and ring
  • Heavy Duty : Made with urea-Formaldehyde (UF) material, does not yellow or discolor
  • Toilet Seat Size :: 46cm x 37cm (Holes Adjustment Range: 60mm - 170mm),  fits most standard size oval shape wc toilets


Type: Toilet Seat
Item ID: 9789993035305

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