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Mass Dynamic

Energy-Saving Sensor Light Bulbs, 15W WARM, B22 Bayonet Cap, Tubular [Energy Class A]

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Low energy sensor light bulb has large Bayonet cap (BC). Rated lamp life 10000 hrs. Wattage: 15 W. <60 seconds Warm up time to 60 percent of full light output. And the beauty is, it will fit almost any luminair in your home!

  • Safety through automatic switch-on at darkness
  • Large bayonet cap (BC) fitting
  • 15W power giving an equivilant of 75W light output
  • Very high energy saving, very low heat generation
  • Saves up to 80% energy

Important Note: Please first time switch-on at darkness otherwise sensor will not work properly.

Type: Lightning
Item ID: 9787445209427

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