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Toilet Seat Soft Close Quick Release D-Shaped White "UF" (Urea-Formaldehyde) Material

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  • SLOW CLOSE: Soft close mechanism prevents toilet seat from slamming onto the pan making loud noise. This feature makes our seat as silent as it should be.
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Safe & Eco-friendly (Anti-Bacterial + Non-Toxic + Anti-Mildew + Anti-UV Function + Anti-Flammability) UF material used.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Quick release mechanism helps you remove your seat with minimum amount of time and effort possible. This helps you to clean your seat and pan on daily basis to prevent presence of bacteria.
  • TOILET SEAT SIZE: 46cm x 36cm, Holes Adjustment Range: 60mm - 170mm (Fits most standard size D-SHAPE toilets).
  • FITS TO D-SHAPE STANDARD TOILET PAN - Please compare your toilet coupled pan with seat cover size before buying this item.


1. Periodical maintenance

  • Wipe gently with wet fabric.
  • Wipe off smut.
  • Watch it with neuter cleaners (such as soap powder) and than dry it with clean fabric.

2. Cleaners

  • Do not wipe and wash toilet seat and cover with abrasive powder.
  • Do not use disinfector, eradicator or other aerosol cleaners.
Type: Toilet Seat
Item ID: 0042309038476

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